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6 Best WordPress Donation and Fundraising Plugins (2024 Update)

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Written By: author image Natalie Jones Reviewed By: Spencer Finnell

Looking for the best donation and fundraising WordPress plugin?

With so many available, choosing the right plugin for your nonprofit organization or fundraiser can be challenging.

In this article, we’ll share some of the top donation and fundraising plugins for WordPress to help you find the right one for your site.

Choosing the Right Donation & Fundraising Plugin

Not every WordPress plugin for donations and fundraising offers the tools you need. Some plugins are built specifically for fundraising, while others allow you to create different kinds of forms, including donation payment forms.

To pick the right plugin, it’s important to know what your needs are.

Ask yourself if you need an all-in-one form builder or a plugin built specifically for fundraising.

For example, if you need both a premium contact form plugin and a fundraising plugin but only have the budget to buy one, then buying an all-in-one plugin may be the right choice.

Another thing to consider is the payment gateway offered by the plugin. You’ll want to be sure you choose a plugin that supports the right payment gateway for your organization.

With all these factors in mind, let’s dive in and explore the list of some of the top WordPress donation and fundraising plugins.

1. WP Simple Pay

wp simple pay homepage

WP Simple Pay is a standalone Stripe payments plugin that lets you easily accept online donations and other payments like fundraiser event registrations. You can use it to get a donation form up and running on your site in minutes.

The plugin also comes bundled with several pre-built donation and fundraising form templates, so you don’t always have to build your payment form from scratch.

See our detailed guide to learn more: WP Simple Pay vs. GiveWP vs. WPForms (Compared).

With WP Simple Pay, you can accept one-time or recurring donation payments with ease. Additional features and benefits you’ll get with WP Simple Pay include:

  • Multiple payment methods: Supports credit and debit cards, ACH Direct Debit, SEPA Direct Debit, digital wallets like Apple Pay / Google Pay / Microsoft Pay, Buy Now, Pay Later services, and more.
  • Collect custom data: Add any form fields to your payment forms to collect additional information from your donors to improve communications and segment your donors.
  • Secure payment processing: Use Stripe’s PCI-compliant servers for payment processing and storage.
  • Subscriptions: Easily allow your donors to sign up for recurring donations to generate a steady stream of funding.
  • Per-Form Payment Confirmation Messages: Create personalized donation confirmation page messages and emails directly from the form builder.
  • Suggested Donation Amounts: Make it easier for your donors to give by setting up suggested donation amounts.
  • Dedicated Landing Pages: Create branded, distraction-free payment pages that host your payment forms directly from the payment form builder.
  • Advanced Payment Form Builder: Easily create donation forms in minutes without coding.

Remove the additional 3% fee! 

Most Stripe plugins charge an additional 3% fee for EVERY transaction
…not WP Simple Pay Pro!

In addition to all of that, WP Simple Pay lets you pass the additional Stripe processing fee on to your donors during checkout to help you collect the net donation amount and reach your fundraising goals faster.

Pricing: Starts at just $49.50/yr.

2. Charitable


Charitable is one of the best donation and fundraising plugins for WordPress. Right out of the box, it lets you accept payments via PayPal. However, you can integrate the plugin with other payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, and more.

The plugin makes it easy to create custom donation forms without coding. It offers full donation management tools you can use to get quick insights into how all your campaigns are performing and the status of each donation.

A few more benefits of Charitable:

  • Recurring Donations
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaigns
  • Integrations with Email Marketing Software
  • Visual Campaign Builder with zero coding
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Reporting features
  • Anonymous Donations

One of the biggest benefits of using Charitable is that it lets you offset the recurring fee by passing it to donors. Just like WP Simple Pay, the premium version of Charitable doesn’t charge any additional transaction fees.

Get started with Charitable!

Pricing: Starts at $99/yr.

3. WPForms


WPForms is the best contact form plugin for WordPress.

It lets you create donation forms, contact forms, registration forms, newsletter signup forms, and more. It also allows you to automatically add donors to your email list, thanks to its collection of email marketing addons. You can use it to accept donations via PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net.

What makes WPForms unique is its beginner-friendly user interface. You can easily create a form with its drag-and-drop form builder, even if you’re brand new to WordPress.

Its smart conditional logic feature helps ensure that you gain the information you need from your donors because it dynamically changes the form’s fields based on the information entered by your donors.

Here are a few more features of WPForms:

  • It’s a complete WordPress form plugin. You can build various forms, including contact, payment, login, user registration, and more.
  • Its pre-built form templates give you a head start, so you don’t always have to create a form from scratch.
  • WPForms supports advanced features like smart conditional logic, multi-page forms, file uploads, and more.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one form builder plugin for your nonprofit or fundraiser, WPForms is the best option available.

Get started with WPForms!

Pricing: Starts at $49.50/yr.

4. GiveWP


GiveWP is another popular donation form builder plugin that comes with several fundraising features.

Like Charitable, GiveWP supports multiple payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and more. It also lets you keep track of your donors directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.

A few more notable features of GiveWP are:

  • Collect one-time or recurring donations.
  • Easily create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.
  • Ask your donors for a little extra to cover the payment processing fees.
  • Integrate your fundraising campaigns with Google Analytics to collect even more details about the online donations you receive.

Unlike most other donation form plugins, GiveWP provides seamless integration with page builders like Divi, Elementor, Gutenberg Editor, and more.

Remember that WP Simple Pay integrates with the most popular WordPress page builders.

Get started with GiveWP!

Pricing: Starts at $149/yr.

5. Formidable Forms

formidable forms

Formidable Forms is one of the most advanced WordPress form builder plugins, and it also allows you to accept online donations.

Besides donation forms, Formidable Forms lets you create registration forms, contact forms, calculator forms, and more.

It also lets you accept donations via Stripe, PayPal, and Authorize.net.

Here are a few features that make Formidable Forms unique:

  • Use Formidable Views to display form data in custom views on your site.
  • It seamlessly integrates with your favorite marketing apps, such as Google Sheets, Zapier, and more.
  • Supports Twilio SMS to send and receive SMS with a form.

Get started with Formidable Forms!

Pricing: Starts at $39.50/yr.

6. Seamless Donations

seamless donations

Seamless Donations is a simple donation plugin for WordPress that lets you accept donations via your Stripe or PayPal account.

Unlike most donation plugins, Seamless Donations is free of cost and does not charge you a commission or percentage fee, even with their free version. It also supports recurring donations like most other donation plugins.

Some of the best features of Seamless Donations include:

  • Allows users to designate their donation towards a specific fund from the given list.
  • Email donors with a customized “Thank You” message.
  • Enable CAPTCHA on your site to prevent card testing and fraudulent payments.
  • Set up recurring donations through Stripe or PayPal.

Get started with Seamless Donations!

Pricing: Free. Paid extensions are also available.

Verdict: WP Simple Pay is the Best Donation Plugin

Now that you know more about each plugin’s features and pricing options, let’s examine which is right for your needs.

Our findings reveal that WP Simple Pay is the best donation and fundraising WordPress plugin for you if you want to begin accepting one-time or recurring donations effortlessly through Stripe.

There are several reasons why Stripe is the best payment processor. To learn more, see our guide: 8 Reasons Why Stripe is the Best Payment Processor.

You can encourage donors to give by offering suggested donation amounts and even letting your donors choose what cause they’d like their donation to go to.

You can also use the plugin to pass the additional Stripe processing fees on to your donors to ensure that you collect the full donation.

Use Charitable for a Full-Fledged Donation Plugin

Use Charitable if you want a fully-featured donation plugin that makes fundraising a breeze. It comes with several dedicated donation features that other payment plugins don’t offer.

You can use the plugin’s new dashboard to keep track of your donations, manage donors, and more.

Use WPForms for an All-in-One Form Plugin

If you’d rather use an all-in-one WordPress contact form builder plugin that also supports donation acceptance via PayPal, Square, Authorize.net, and additional payment processors, choose WPForms.

The plugin allows you to create any type of form, including contact forms, donation forms, registration forms, and more.

There you have it!

We hope this article has helped you learn more about some of the best donation and fundraising plugins available for WordPress.

If you liked this article, you might also want to check out our guide on how to use email campaigns to collect donations.

What are you waiting for? Get started with WP Simple Pay today!

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