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How to Create a Distraction-Free Stripe Payment Landing Page in WordPress



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Do you want to know how to create a WordPress checkout / payment page with Stripe?

WP Simple Pay makes it easy for you to create it without having to hire a developer. In this article, let’s check out how to create a distraction-free payments page for boosting conversions in WordPress (step by step)

Why Create a Stripe Payment Page?

The best way to accept payments on your WordPress site is with a custom payment page. A dedicated payment page ensures high conversions as it removes unnecessary friction on the page, like headers, footers, and more, irrespective of the WordPress theme you use.

wp simple pay homepage

For creating a payment page, we highly recommend using WP Simple Pay, the best WordPress Stripe plugin. It lets you accept credit card payments and digital wallet payments and enables you to use Buy Now Pay Later feature on your site.

Here are a few benefits of using a payment page on your site.

  • Increase conversions: With a dedicated payment page, you can remove all the unnecessary elements that keep your visitors from making a payment.
  • Independent of your theme: None of your theme elements, including your header, footer, and navigation menu, will be used in your custom payment page. This gives you endless opportunities to optimize the page for high conversions without hiring a developer.
  • Customizable: With WP Simple Pay, you can easily add your logo, custom header, and more without touching a single line of code.

To create a payment page for this tutorial, we’ll be using the WP Simple Pay plugin. You’ll also need to use SSL/HTTPS encryption on your site because that’s a requirement by Stripe for accepting payments. Don’t worry if you don’t have an SSL certificate yet! All that you need to do is to follow this step-by-step guide on how to add SSL in WordPress.

Step 1: Install WP Simple Pay to Create a Payment Page

To create a payment landing page on your website, the first thing you’ll need to do is to install and activate WP Simple Pay. To install the plugin, navigate to the pricing page and select a plan that suits your need. Then download the plugin and install it.

Remove the additional 3% fee! 

Most Stripe plugins charge an additional 3% fee for EVERY transaction
…not WP Simple Pay Pro!

For more details, see this step-by-step guide on how to install WP Simple Pay.

After installing and activating the plugin, its setup wizard will prompt you to connect your Stripe account with WordPress.

The setup wizard lets you set up a Stripe account and connect it to your site. In the setup wizard, click Let’s Get Started.

WP Simple Pay setup wizard

If you didn’t see the setup wizard, simply head over to WP Simple Pay » Settings » Advanced tab and click the Launch Setup Wizard button.

Step 2. Connect WordPress to Stripe  

To connect your WordPress site to Stripe, click Connect with Stripe.

WP Simple Pay connect with Stripe

Next up, enter the email address you use for your Stripe account and connect it with your site. If you don’t have a Stripe account, you can easily create one by entering your email address and completing registration.

WP Simple Pay Connect with Stripe

Upon completing this process, you’ll be shown a success page that says Setup Complete. Next, to create a payment form, click on the Create a Payment Form button.

setup complete

Step 3: Create a Stripe Payment Form

To create a payment page, you’ll first need to create a Stripe payment form. You’ll now see a complete list of custom payment form templates available on WP Simple Pay.

While you can choose any form template based on your needs, in this article, we’ll be selecting the Payment Form template. If you’re not on this page yet, you can navigate to WP Simple Pay » Add New to start creating a payment form.

stripe payment form template

Next, you’ll be prompted to specify the title, description, and a few other details of your form.

form builder general settings

By default, On-site payment form will be chosen as your payment type. On-site payment form is the best choice for embedding a payment form within your WordPress site, not on a hosted Stripe checkout page. Since we want to create a payment page on your site, let’s choose this default option.

For the payment success page, if you don’t want to use the default page configured in the plugin settings, choose Specific Page. Alternatively, if you want to redirect users to an external site, choose Redirect URL.

To configure the payment settings, let’s choose the Payment option on the left. Here, you can add new price options and customize the existing ones. Aside from choosing an amount, you can also change the currency and even choose between one time or subscription payments.

Keep in mind that once the form is published, you no longer would be able to customize it. So, for now, let’s NOT change the payment mode to Live Mode until you preview and test the form.

Feel free to enable as many payment methods as you want under the Payment Methods section.

form builder payment methods

Next, click on the Form Fields on the left. Here, you can add or edit any existing form fields.

form builder custom fields

Step 4: Create a Stripe Payment / Checkout Page

To create the Stripe payment page, select Payment Page from the left-hand side. Next, select the checkbox Enable a dedicated payment page.

Stripe payment page

As soon as you click on the checkbox, you’ll be prompted to specify the URL for your payment page, a color scheme for the background, header image / logo. You can also choose to show or hide your payment form’s name and description on the page.

After previewing your form, you can publish it and see the page on the live site. You might want to make a test payment first. And once it looks fine, you can change the mode to Live.

That’s it!

We hope you learned how to create a custom Stripe payments / checkout page in WordPress.

Remove the additional 3% fee! 

Most Stripe plugins charge an additional 3% fee for EVERY transaction
…not WP Simple Pay Pro!

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