WP Simple Pay Pro Features

Below are a few screenshots of the WP Simple Pay Pro settings showing off how you can configure payment forms.

To see how they appear and work to your site visitors, try our demo site.

Payment Form Drag & Drop Builder

Drag and drop to add a custom amount entry, a coupon code field, various custom field types, subscription plan selection, a total amount label and more.

ll data entered into these custom fields are stored as "metadata" with each Stripe payment record within your Stripe dashboard, so everything is viewable alongside all payment or subscription plan data.

Try our custom fields demos.

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with our Business and Elite licenses only.

form designer drag and drop

Payment Options

Set a one-time amount or let your site visitors pay what they want. Optionally specify minimum and default amounts.

Try our one-time custom amount demo.

payment options

Stripe Checkout Overlay Options

Set options that the Stripe Checkout overlay provides, including a brand logo, checkout button text and collecting billing and shipping addresses.

Try our Stripe Checkout overlay demos.

stripe checkout overlay display

Subscription Options

Connect a payment button to an individual Stripe plan or let your site visitors pick a plan to subscribe to. Add a custom amount option, charge a setup fee or tie into free trials.

Try a few of these subscription demos:

You can also setup installment plans to end subscriptions after a specific number of charges.

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with our Business and Elite licenses only.

subscriptions options

Offer Discounts with Coupon Codes

Percent or amount-off coupon codes added in your Stripe dashboard can be used in your payment forms.

Use with subscriptions or one-time payments, and optionally add a total amount label that updates real-time.

Try our demos with coupon code fields.

Note: Subscription capabilities are included with our Business and Elite licenses only.

stripe create new coupon with subscriptions plus coupon code

Customized Payment Confirmation Details

Easily customize the payment confirmation details your customers see within the post editor using placeholder tags.

Complete any purchase on our demo site to see it in action.

payment confirmation settings

Locale and Currency Settings

Stripe currently supports 12 languages32 countries, and 135+ currencies. WP Simple Pay lets you set the locale (language) for your checkout overlays as well as the preferred currency and date formats for your site's region.

Try our French locale + Euro currency demo.

locale currency settings french

Feature Progress

Here are some additional features not quite available, but are either under development or planned for the near future.

If you require one of these features, join our mailing list to be notified when they're available.

Custom forms using Stripe ElementsDone3.3
Apple Pay and Google Pay supportIn Progress3.4
ACH payment supportPlanning3.5
Support for additional payment methods via the Sources API as Stripe adds them.Planning3.6