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[NEW] Customizable Email Confirmations for Cancelled Subscriptions and More in WP Simple Pay 4.10.0

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Written By: author image Spencer Finnell

Today, we’re super excited to introduce WP Simple Pay 4.10.0! 🎉

The latest version of the plugin brings customized email alerts, confirmations, and notifications for delayed payment methods, cancelled subscriptions, and refund statuses.

Customized email confirmations can enhance your customers’ overall experience. Additionally, they serve as an effective method for re-engaging subscribers and collecting feedback.

Delayed Payment Method Emails

With WP Simple Pay, you can easily send customized email confirmations to customers when delayed payment methods like ACH Direct Debit are used during checkout. Using the new payment processing confirmation tab, customized messages can be created directly from Emails Settings in the WP Simple Pay dashboard.

The delayed payment method email serves several vital purposes. Along with improving communication, it assures customers that their payment has been initiated and processed. 

You can also use this type of email to increase engagement by adding information about your products, promotions, or even your blog.

The plugin offers a default message, or you can easily customize it.

Cancelled Subscription Confirmations

Sending subscribers a personalized cancellation confirmation email is crucial for businesses that sell subscription-based products or services. It should offer incentives like discounts or subscription plan alternatives to encourage subscribers to stay with your business.

WP Simple Pay 4.10.0 lets you send customized emails to subscribers after they cancel their subscription using the Subscription Management Block on your site.

Customizing your cancelled subscription confirmation emails from the WP Simple Pay dashboard doesn’t require a single line of code. You can now add discount codes along with your personal message effortlessly.

Refund Status Notifications

WP Simple Pay 4.10.0 also offers Refund Status Notifications that let you send customers a refund confirmation email once it has been processed.

The new feature also automatically adjusts the transaction status in the Latest Payments section of the WP Simple Pay dashboard, allowing you to easily keep track of refunds without logging in to your Stripe dashboard.

WP Simple Pay 4.10 enables you to configure email notifications beyond customer confirmations. You can receive alerts about delayed payment processing, cancelled subscribers, and refund statuses directly to your email.

Try the New Update Today

Ready to improve customer communication, reduce subscription churn, and gain actionable feedback about your products or services?

Delayed payment method emails, cancelled subscription confirmations, and refund status notifications are available now in WP Simple Pay 4.10.0. We really hope you give it a try!

If you’re not already using WP Simple Pay to create payment forms for your WordPress site, install and activate it today!

Have any questions? You can reach out to our customer support team here; they’ll be happy to help you!

What are you waiting for? Get started with WP Simple Pay today!

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