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Our Trip to WordCamp Sacramento 2017



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This past weekend, Phil and I (Cori) attended WordCamp Sacramento. It was a weekend full of connecting with other fellow WordPress users, developers, creators, and founders. There’s such a high value in connecting with like-minded individuals and people who “get” the world you live in and work in. We’re not meant to do life on our own or business on our own. I would say the meaningful conversations with other people who work and create in the same space was the most valuable part of the time at WordCamp Sac.

There are WordCamps all over the world multiple times a month. From what we experienced, most people at WordCamps encourage you to reach out and get to know others and ask questions. As someone who’s relatively new to joining the working realm of the WordPress world, I was so grateful to find that people were super welcoming whether you’re new to WordPress or have been working with it for a decade. Truly, a kind community of people.

WordCamps offer sessions with speakers that cover many different topics. At WordCamp Sacramento, there was an entire track for the WordPress beginner, sessions on SEO, blogging, legal matters, analytics, and much more. Here is Cory Miller speaking on handling tough times in business. He’s the founder of iThemes and was awesome.

And when you’re in a different city, away from home…you must eat all the yummy food.

So, we did. We covered this area well. We sampled delicious Mexican food, sushi, coffee, craft beer, and we even brunched on Sunday morning. Sacramento’s midtown and an area called The Handle District, in particular, has got the food game down.

WordCamps are run entirely by volunteers, and we can’t thank Brian & Jennifer Bourn enough for organizing an event that attracted almost 500 WordPressers. Not easy when you also run a WordPress custom development and design business full-time (seriously, they do awesome work…check it out).

Now we’re back home and ready to implement a bunch of new ideas for WP Simple Pay. So grateful for how we were inspired and challenged at WordCamp this past weekend.


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