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4 Best Stripe Dashboard Feature Updates in 2024

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Written By: author image Natalie Jones Reviewed By: Spencer Finnell

Are you using WP Simple Pay, the #1 Stripe payments plugin for WordPress, to accept payments and wondering about the new updates Stripe has implemented to its Dashboard in 2024?

Stripe is a forward-thinking payment processing provider that constantly works to improve its services and expand its capabilities to help its users increase revenue and grow their businesses.

In 2023, businesses using Stripe surpassed $1 trillion in total payment volume. As the company continues to evolve and make advancements, it’s important for you to stay informed to maximize its potential.

In this article, we’ll share some of the most recent notable Stripe Dashboard feature updates and how you can use them along with WP Simple Pay to streamline your payment processing and grow your online business.

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Stripe Dashboard Updates

Being familiar with the Stripe Dashboard is important as a WP Simple Pay user. This interface is where you can configure and operate your connected Stripe account, manage payments and refunds, view reporting data, respond to disputes, create customized fraud protection rules, and more.

To learn more about the different Stripe Dashboard components, see our full guide.

The Customer Portal

The Stripe-hosted Customer Portal allows your customers to manage their subscriptions and billing details themselves. They can also use it to view their invoice history and update their payment methods for recurring payments.

You can easily customize your portal’s appearance, links, and redirects from the Stripe Dashboard.

With all that being said, if you’re using WP Simple Pay to accept subscription payments, you can use the plugin to add a “Manage Subscription” form to your site. This significantly reduces subscription churn because your customers are able to make changes to their payment details before the upcoming charge.

The form lets customers update their payment methods or cancel their subscriptions anytime simply by entering the email associated with their subscription purchase.

Simplified Navigation

Over the years, Stripe has made changes to the layout of the Dashboard’s sidebar navigation.

One of its goals was to reorganize the navigation to support the most common workflows and make finding the menu items users are looking for easier. The result is a streamlined list of links with a more logical order.

In May 2020, the Stripe Dashboard was revised to work like this:

Stripe dashboard

Now, in 2024, the Stripe Dashboard sidebar navigation has minimized the number of links to make it even more simple. It also automatically displays your most recent tabs to make it quicker for you to return to the tools you use the most often.

Actions and Connections For Invoices

Under the Payments tab in the Stripe Dashboard, you can now easily perform tasks for individual transactions, like processing a refund, sending an invoice, viewing customer information, or payment method details, all in one click.

Alternatively, if you want a quick overview of the transactions made using WP Simple Pay payment forms, you can use the plugin’s Activity & Reports feature.

The best part about the Activity & Reports feature is that you can access information without having to log in to the Stripe dashboard.

To learn more, see our step-by-step guide: How to Get Stripe Dashboard (Payment Reports) in WordPress.

Security and Fraud Prevention Rules

Stripe offers some of the best fraud prevention features out there. With recent advancements, you can use the Stripe Dashboard to create new rules for blocking payments from specific locations and certain payment methods.

Simply navigate to the Fraud Prevention tab and click the + Add Rule button.

For detailed information on how to set up unique fraud prevention rules for your particular needs, see our guide.

Going Forward

As you can see, Stripe continues to become easier to use, and its updates are frequent. We’ll continue to keep you informed as Stripe further optimizes its platform.

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