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Announcing Bacs Direct Debit & GrabPay Payments in WP Simple Pay 4.7.11

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Written By: author image Spencer Finnell

Today we’re thrilled to introduce WP Simple Pay 4.7.11! 

The new release brings support for even more payment methods, including Bacs Direct Debit and GrabPay. 

WP Simple Pay Pro users in the UK can now accept Bacs Direct Debit payments, the preferred local payment method for large or recurring payments. 

Users in Malaysia and Singapore can accept digital wallet payments through GrabPay.

That’s not all! 

The latest version of WP Simple Pay also offers WPCode integration, which makes it possible for WP Simple Pay Pro users to customize their payment flows with a one-click install of the plugin’s most popular code snippets. 

Bacs Direct Debit

Bacs Direct Debit is a widely-used payment method in the UK that debits UK customers’ bank accounts. Over 14% of payments made in the UK are accepted through Bacs Direct Debit. 

WP Simple Pay Pro users can now easily create payment forms that accept Bacs Direct Debit payments using the drag-and-drop form builder.

The Stripe transaction fee is just 1% starting at 20p and capped at £2.00.

wp simple pay bacs direct debit

UK merchants can boost conversions and increase average order values by accepting Bacs Direct Debit, the most common payment method for large and recurring payments. 

GrabPay Payments

GrabPay is a popular digital wallet payment method for customers in Malaysia and Singapore. 

With WP Simple Pay Pro, you can create GrabPay-enabled payment forms, allowing you to cater to the millions of online shoppers who use the payment method in Malaysia and Singapore.

wp simple pay

Customers are redirected to GrabPay’s website, where they have to authenticate the transaction using a one-time password. After authenticating, customers will be redirected back to the merchant’s website.

WPCode Integration

A code snippet is a block of code that can be saved and reused to improve productivity and enhance the functionality of your WordPress website.

WP Simple Pay now integrates with WPCode, the best code snippets plugin for WordPress, to help you customize your payment flows with a one-click install of the most popular WP Simple Pay code snippets.  

wp simple pay

When you load the WPCode library directly in WordPress, all of WP Simple Pay’s official snippets will be available for use automatically. 

Try the New Update Today

Bacs Direct Debit and GrabPay payment methods, as well as WPCode integration, are available in the latest version of WP Simple Pay today. We hope you give it a try. Have any questions? You can reach our customer support team here; they’ll be happy to help you.

If you’re not using WP Simple Pay Pro yet, just click here to start today! It’s the best Stripe payments plugin available, and we’re making it even better with each update. As always, a huge thank you for your continued support.

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