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How to Resolve Issues Caused by Cache and Optimization Plugins

How to Resolve Issues Caused by Caching Plugins

You or your site visitors might experience issues using WP Simple Pay caused by assets being cached incorrectly. In most cases, this is because your web host has its own caching rules in place, or you have a caching plugin configured on your site.

Both are good things for your site’s overall load times and performance but can accidentally interfere with WP Simple Pay’s functionality.

For starters you’ll want to make sure your payment success and failure pages are excluded from any site caching. With some web hosts you may need to contact them and let them know to exclude these pages (URLs) from caching for you.

Configure Specific Plugins

How to Resolve Issues Caused by Optimization Plugins

JavaScript issues caused by optimization plugins are usually due to these commonly found features:

  • Minify
    Removes unnecessary characters from the code, such as white spaces, which produces a smaller file so that less data needs to be transferred.
  • Combine
    Merges separate JavaScript files into one to reduce the number of calls made to the server.
  • Load Deferred/Asynchronously
    Separates the JavaScript files from being loaded and executed during page load, so that the page doesn’t need to “wait” for them.

The following files should be excluded from any JavaScript optimizations setting, regardless of the plugin being used.


Configure Specific Plugins

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