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How to Configure W3 Total Cache Settings

W3 Total Cache is a complex plugin with many settings. We have done our best to include settings that will work best with WP Simple Pay. For more specific information on W3 Total Cache settings, please refer to theirΒ documentation.

Cache Settings

Go to Performance β†’ Page Cache scroll to Advanced β†’ Never cache the following pages. Then enter the page slug of the payment form page you want to exclude.

For example, if your payment form resides at https://yourwebsite.com/gold-package-payment-form, you would add the slug as shown below:

JavaScript Settings

Minifying and combining scripts can cause issues with more than just your payment forms. This is a complex subject that goes beyond just enabling certain settings. We recommend that you do not Combine scripts.

As the W3 Total Cache plugin itself puts it:

In the best case, the usage of minify optimization is a trial and error process, it’s not an “instant on” or “set it and forget it” optimization technique.

There are lots of reasons why minify cannot work for all sites under all circumstances and they have nothing to do with W3 Total Cache: Your site’s content, your server(s), your plugins and your theme are all unique, that means that minify cannot automatically work for everyone.

Scripts to exclude from optimization

If you do choose to use JavaScript optimizations, you should exclude the following scripts in the Performance β†’ Minify β†’ Advanced area:


For more specific information on W3 Total Cache settings, please refer to their documentation.

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