What’s Coming in 3.0 Part 3 – Payment Confirmation Editor & Currency Settings

In Part 1 we told you configuring massive shortcodes should be a thing of the past when creating payment forms in WP Simple Pay Pro 3.0.

In Part 2 we showed off the new payment form designer, which allows you to easily add, then drag & drop custom fields wherever you need them.

We’re also introducing a payment confirmation editor as well as new currency settings for those with Stripe accounts outside of the United States. Both of these were possible in version 2 but required additional code.

Here’s what the new editor looks like:

Here’s what it looks like to your customer on the payment confirmation page:

Notice the use of our new template tags such as {order-date} and {total-amount}. More will be available at the time of launch.

You can also specify which pages within your site your customers are redirected to after a successful or unsuccessful payment.

New Currency Options

Finally, for those of you in different countries around the world using different currencies, we’ve simplified these settings a bit for you.

That’s it for today. Until next time!