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6 Best Page Builder Plugins for WordPress (Compared)

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Written By: author image Natalie Jones Reviewed By: Spencer Finnell

Looking for the best page builder plugins for WordPress?

Intuitive, drag-and-drop page builder plugins are a convenient way to create, edit, and customize your site’s layout and more without having to write any code.

In this article, we’ll share six of the top WordPress page builder plugins to help you decide which one is right for your business.

Choosing a Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

When WordPress beginners start building a site for the first time, one of the most common challenges they experience is creating the layout for the pages on their site.

Even though most premium WordPress themes offer layouts, the majority of them require complicated HTML / CSS  coding. This can be a major deterrent to getting a site up and running. Hiring a developer is always an option, but that route is expensive and time-consuming.

Luckily, there are several drag-and-drop page builder plugin options available for WordPress that allow you to create customized layouts for your site easily without needing to write a single line of code. Depending on your needs, there are page builder plugins that even allow you to create your own customized theme using templates.

The most important features to consider when choosing the right page builder plugin for your site are ease of use, versatility, and design capabilities. 

Now, let’s dive right in and explore seven of the best page builder plugins for WordPress.

1. SeedProd

page builder

SeedProd is the best drag-and-drop theme and landing page builder plugin for WordPress.

The premium, user-friendly plugin requires zero web design skills to create professional-looking landing pages within minutes. It lets you easily create pages and layouts using 300+ pre-built page templates, section layouts, block templates, pre-made color schemes, and font pairings.

Additionally, SeedProd is well-suited for customizing a variety of different types of landing pages including sales pages, opt-in pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, webinar pages, login pages, and thank you pages. 

The plugin’s layout navigation is one of our favorite features because it creates a mini-map of your site so you can easily rearrange sections, rows, columns, and blocks.

SeedProd also ensures that your site ranks higher because its design functions optimize the performance of your site’s pages.

The plugin also integrates seamlessly with popular WordPress plugins and email marketing tools to create a powerful page-building solution for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, and photographers.

If you’re an eCommerce business owner looking to build a complete WooCommerce store, SeedProd offers templates to help make designing your theme and customizing your site easier.

Pricing: SeedProd starts at $39.50/yr. You can also get started with a free version.

2. Divi

page builder

Divi is a popular drag-and-drop theme and page builder plugin for WordPress that is a great option for professionals and newcomers looking to create great-looking pages quickly and easily.

Similarly to SeedProd, Divi lets you choose from hundreds of pre-made page design layouts and content elements to fit your specific needs. Its visual builder allows you to design and customize anything you want without having to worry about writing a single line of code.

The plugin offers a powerful design layer on top of the standard WordPress editor that lets you edit and customize your pages from the front end in real time.

It also gives you total creative freedom over your site because its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual editing technology makes it a complete design system.

You can even save unlimited designs that you have created so you can reuse them for future pages. Its responsive editing capabilities

Pricing: Divi starts at $89/yr. A Lifetime Access Pass is also available.

3. Beaver Builder

page builder

Beaver Builder is a popular lightweight page builder plugin for WordPress.

It offers its own theme, Beaver Builder Theme, and is compatible with almost any WordPress theme. It lets you customize nearly every aspect of your site quickly and easily from the front end.

Beaver Builder also offers pre-made templates for both landing and content pages for different types of sites including blogs and eCommerce sites. You can use its templates to create newsletter signups, about pages, pricing tables, and more.

Additionally, the plugin integrates with several popular plugins including MemberPress, the #1 all-in-one membership site plugin for WordPress.

Unlike many other WordPress page builder plugins, Beaver Builder allows you to use its plugin on an unlimited number of sites with any plan.

Assistant Pro is a unique feature that lets you save your page builder templates in the cloud so you can easily import them into your sites when you’re ready. You can also access a community template marketplace, where templates are available to save time. If you create WordPress page builder templates, Assistant Pro allows you to sell them to other members of the community.

Pricing: Starts at $99/yr. To get access to the plugin’s Beaver Builder theme, you’ll need to purchase the Pro plan for $199/yr.

4. Elementor Page Builder

page builder

Elementor is a powerful all-in-one page builder plugin for WordPress that you can use to create your site. It offers a drag-and-drop live editor, templates, layouts, blocks, popups, and more.

Similarly to Divi, the drag-and-drop page builder lets you see live changes as you edit.

The plugin has 100+ drag-and-drop widgets for both basic and advanced site elements.

Elementor has been translated into over 50 languages and supports multi-lingual sites. You can use it in your native language or add your own translation.

Elementor is a great option for those who want to reduce web development time and create a professional site without installing multiple plugins.

Pricing: Starts at $59/yr. for use on one site. To use all of the widgets and eCommerce features, you’ll need to purchase the Advanced plan for $99/yr.

5. Thrive Architect

page builder

Thrive Architect is an innovative, easy-to-use WordPress landing page builder plugin available as part of Thrive Suite or as a standalone plugin. It lets you create and customize landing pages quickly and efficiently.

The plugin offers revolutionary Smart Landing Page technology that allows you to create professional-looking landing pages for sales, opt-ins, and webinars without having to write any code.

Thrive Architect features instant drag-and-drop editing capabilities. It also comes bundled with 300+ conversion-focused landing page templates and several key features to take your site’s design and functionality to the next level.

The plugin’s color customization technology lets you change the color of your entire landing page with one click.

Additionally, its pre-designed blocks give you complete control to create a fully-designed page in minutes based on your site’s specific needs.

Thrive Architect is perfect for businesses looking to boost conversion rates. It allows you to perform split testing on any element of your site so that you can make needed improvements and adjustments for maximized conversions.

Pricing:  Starts at $99/yr. for the standalone plugin. You can also choose to purchase the entire Thrive Suite of plugins, which includes the Thrive Theme Builder, for $299/yr.

6. LeadPages

page builder

LeadPages is a landing page builder plugin for WordPress that is well-suited for those who are looking for a built-in SEO feature that automatically optimizes your pages for search engines.

The plugin also offers capabilities for improved SERP rankings through its fast page-load speeds.

Additionally,  LeadPages features a conversion guide that gives you insight into how your pages are performing and ways to improve them.

LeadPages lets you choose from 250+ conversion-optimized page templates to create pages for several different types of sites.

The plugin is a great option for users who want to create professional-looking landing pages that are designed to convert easily. It also offers AI Engine, which allows you to use its Writing Assistant to create better sales copy and find the perfect images for your pages.

Like Thrive Architect, LeadPages helps you enhance your pages by performing split testing.

Pricing: Starts at $37/mo. The plugin also offers a 14-day free trial.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about some of the best page builder plugins for WordPress.

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