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What information does WP Simple Pay collect?

WP Simple Pay is The #1 Stripe payments plugin for WordPress and we strive to offer a best-in-class solution that makes it effortless to run your business.

One of the tools we use to better understand the needs of our users is usage tracking. Visit WP Simple Pay > Settings > General > Advanced and observe Allow usage analytics is checked to opt in and help us improve WP Simple Pay.

Below, you will find a description of what information will be tracked once you have opted in to usage tracking.

Is my data Private?

Yes. Our mission is not to know data about any one specific site, but rather to have a better understanding of how your website uses WP Simple Pay. This allows us to make data-driven decisions about what features to build, remove, or spend time improving to ensure that we provide the most value we possibly can.

We don’t even include the URL of your website in the data. During the first check-in, we generate a unique hashed string that is salted with data from your site that we do not know. We’ve also modified the headers that are sent with the WordPress HTTP API so that your URL is not included in the User Agent string that is sent by default.

Furthermore, we’ve configured the data that is sent to our server in a way so that the IP Address of your site is not connected to your site’s unique ID.


  • Active Theme/Plugins: With there being so many Plugins and Themes out there, this information lets us make sure more heavily used themes and plugins are given extra attention during testing and work seamlessly with each update to WP Simple Pay.
  • Locale: We want WP Simple Pay to be accessible to everyone, and knowing the site’s locale helps us focus our translation efforts.
  • Timezone: We have users across the globe, so knowing the densities within various time zones helps us provide the best support coverage possible.
  • SSL Enabled: An SSL Certificate is essential to a site that accepts payments, knowing how many sites haven’t made the jump assists with our testing.
  • Multisite: If a site is a multisite network, knowing the sub-site count helps us ensure WP Simple Pay scales properly for large networks.
  • Version: Knowing what WordPress Versions are being used with WP Simple Pay helps us better understand what features in WordPress we can take advantage of as new features are released.

WP Simple Pay

  • Key Dates: Knowing general timeframes of when certain actions have been taken (installation, first payment form, first payment, etc) helps us ensure WP Simple Pay can be used as quickly and easily as possible, and helps ensure your success.
  • Aggregated Payment Form Configuration and Stats: Sites of all sizes, ranging from small to very large, enjoy WP Simple Pay. Stats related to payments, payment form configuration, subscriptions, and similar data help us make sure our features and updates get tested in situations that closely match our customers’ site environments and WP Simple Pay usage. That way we can be sure those additions will work great for everyone. Don’t worry though, again, we intentionally built this in a way that does not send identifying information.
  • Specific Plugin Settings: As we strive to add features, this allows us to determine which new settings or areas are getting used most frequently (as well as which settings are not used much).
  • No sensitive settings such as API keys, integration secret keys, or email address are not sent to the server.

Web Server

  • PHP and MySQL Versions: These details help us make sure our testing procedures have proper coverage to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Server Software: This reports if the web server software is Apache, Nginx, or similar, which is used for testing purposes.

When do we collect data?

When you initially opt-in to help us out, we’ll send the first check-in within a week, then on a weekly basis (in the background) after that.

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