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What Happens If My License Expires?

When a WP Simple Pay license expires, existing payment forms will continue to process payments, however certain functionality will become limited:

  • Additional transaction fee is applied
    Payments processed with an invalid or expired license incur an additional 3% transaction fee while the license remains invalid.
  • Payment forms cannot be edited
    Existing payment forms will continue to accept payments (with an additional fee) but adding or editing payment forms is removed.
  • You will no longer receive product updates
    You would no longer be able to update the plugin; as such, your existing version may no longer continue to work as expected in the future as WordPress and Stripe continuously update. It also means you will no longer receive new features, bugs, or security fixes.
  • You will no longer receive plugin support
    If you have an issue with the plugin, you can no longer contact our support team for help.

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