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How to Use Test Mode Until Your Forms Are Ready to Go Live

When first installed, WP Simple Pay is set to Test Mode — this means no real money is transacted. We highly recommend staying in test mode until your payment forms are ready and you’ve looked through test transactions in Stripe.

While in Test mode you can use any number of test card numbers and payment methods provided by Stripe.

Stripe provides international test card numbers that should be used to properly reflect the appropriate ZIP/Postal code configuration for your country or locale. For example, the 4242-4242-4242-4242 test card number is considered a US-based number and will display a 5-digit ZIP Code field.

Enabling Test Mode in WP Simple Pay

To make sure WP Simple Pay is in Test Mode by visiting WP Simple Pay → Settings → Stripe → Account.

WP Simple Pay Stripe account settings

Connection Status

Displays the account information of the currently connected account. If you are not connected, click Connect with Stripe to connect.

Payment Mode

Determines the current payment mode: Test Mode or Live Mode. When in Test Mode no actual money is transacted.


The country your Stripe account is registered to.

Test Mode Indicators

When viewing your WordPress admin in Test mode, you will see an indicator in admin toolbar if Test Mode is enabled.

WP Simple Pay Test Mode badge in the admin toolbar

When viewing a payment form while in Test Mode you will see the same indicator.

Setting Per-Form Test Mode

Forms can also individually set their payment mode if you need to process transactions in a different mode than the global setting. Ensure you have properly connected to Stripe in all modes that your forms may be utilizing.

Viewing Test Data in Stripe

To view test transactions in your Stripe dashboard, simply switch the Test mode toggle available on the top right of all Stripe dashboard pages.

Stripe dashboard test mode toggle

Finally, make sure you review Stripe’s Going Live Checklist before disabling test mode.

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