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How to Manage the ‘Sorry, you have made too many requests’ Message

WP Simple Pay automatically limits the number of consecutive requests that can be made by a single IP address. If you reached this limit you will see the error message Sorry, you have made too many requests

By default, WP Simple Pay limits requests to 1.5 hour timeframes meaning once the limit is reached the user must wait 1.5 hours before the request will be completed.

Standard usage of WP Simple Pay will very rarely cause users to reach this rate limit, however as a site administrator you might encounter it while testing your payment forms.

Clear Rate Limit Log

If you need to clear all existing IPs that have been tracked for rate limiting you can delete the .log file located in /wp-content/uploads/abc-123-wpsp-rate-limiting.log

The filename will contain a unique hash

Change the Number of Allowed Requests

If you change this limit, you can add the following custom code snippet to your website “custom-rate-limit.php

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