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How to Resolve the ‘No route was found matching the URL and request method’ Issue

WP Simple Pay uses WordPress’ REST API to process payment forms and the REST API endpoints must be accessible for payments to be processed.

Disabled REST API

Some WordPress security plugins disable the WordPress REST API by default. Ensure the WordPress REST API is accessible so WP Simple Pay can process payments.

You should be able to access https://your-website.com/wp-json/ if the REST API is available.

iThemes Security

Enable “Default Access” in iThemes Security.

Invalid jQuery Script

Some WordPress themes or plugins enqueue their own copies of the jQuery Javascript library. Including multiple versions of jQuery, or a version other than the one that is included with WordPress can cause AJAX requests to become malformed or invalid.

Ensure the one and only version of jQuery being loaded by your website is the version that is included with WordPress.


ModSecurity can also block internal API requests. See our documentation article on ModSecurity for more information.

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