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How to Configure Payment Notifications in Stripe

From your Stripe Dashboard, you can configure payment notifications to be emailed to you directly from Stripe. Visit your profile page in the Stripe Dashboard, then scroll down, and you should see a toggle switch to enable emails for successful payments.

You can also set up email notifications for disputes, payment reviews, and more here.

You can also use your own domain (instead of stripe.com) when sending emails to customers. See Stripe docs for setup instructions.

If Stripe’s built-in payment emails and notifications don’t provide enough customization for you, did you know you can use WP Simple Pay’s email system to send customizable receipts and payment notifications? Read more about our email system.

If you require additional actions to take place after a purchase, such as sending customer information to a CRM, or adding transaction details to a Google Doc, you can connect Stripe and Zapier. To see some of the many ways Stripe and Zapier can work together, check out Stripe + Zapier Integrations That Will Automate Your WP Simple Pay Data.

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