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How to Set Up an Invoice Payment Form

Accepting invoice payments is one of the most popular use cases for WP Simple Pay. Flexible invoice payment forms can easily be created with our form builder, without having to know how to code to customize your campaigns.

You’ll need to create a new payment form by logging to your WordPress admin, then going to WP Simple Pay → Add New.

Invoice Reconciliation Payment Form Template

In the Template Explorer search for invoice and select the Invoice Reconciliation Payment form template.

Select a template

Payment Settings

The Invoice Reconciliation Payment Form template automatically adds a price option that gives the user the ability to enter the amount of their invoice. A $1.00 minimum amount has been set, but can be changed as needed.

Click the Payment tab to further customize payment options.

Form Field Settings

The Invoice Reconciliation Payment Form template automatically adds the following fields:

  • Client Name
  • Client Email Address
  • Invoice Number (text field)
  • Invoice Amount (custom amount field)
  • Credit Card Payment Method

The Invoice Number allows payer’s to enter an invoice number that you can reference to reconcile payments.

Click the Form Fields tab to configure your form further.

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