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How to Recover Stripe Processing Fees

Fee Recovery

Fee Recovery provides you the ability to define a true net amount to collect by allowing your customers/donors to pay the fees associated with a payment. Typically, when a payment is made Stripe will deduct 2.9% + $0.30 from the payment amount.

Fee Recovery is currently not available on payment forms that utilize taxes and/or coupons.

Configure Payment Method

When Fee Recovery is enabled for the payment method being used, the payment amount is adjusted, so the net amount collected is equal to the originally defined price option amount.

stripe fee recovery payment method

All licenses support collecting fees from credit card payments. To collect fee for other payment methods, a Plus or higher license is required.

stripe fee recovery payment recovery amounts

When the above pop up initially displays, it shows 2.9 and 0.30 as placeholder, not actual, values. Both fields need to be filled in for Fee Recovery to actually collect the fee.

Allow Optional Fee Recovery

To allow your customers/donors the option of paying the Stripe fees, you should include the Fee Recovery Toggle custom form field.

stripe fee recovery recovery toggle

Form Display

Adding the Amount Breakdown custom form field will display the processing fee on your payment form as shown below.

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