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How to Accept Apple Pay & Google Pay

By adding this button to your forms, site visitors are shown either an Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Microsoft Pay button if their browser and device combination supports it. If none are available, the button is not displayed.

Currently, supported browsers include Chrome Desktop, Chrome Android, macOS Safari, iOS Safari, and Microsoft Edge for Windows.

A payment method needs to have been saved to the browser or device as well. For example, you can save a card in Chrome, or add a card to your Wallet for Safari. See our Apple Pay & Google Pay demos in action.

Google Pay and Apple Pay are enabled by default when using Stripe Checkout. You can disable one or both by visiting the Stripe Payment Method settings in the Stripe Dashboard.

Registering Your Domain with Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay, you must be connected to your Stripe account in Live Mode.

To use Apple Pay, you need to register with Apple all of your web domains that will show an Apple Pay button.

First, you’ll need to download a domain association file and upload it to your host. WP Simple Pay Pro will attempt to do this automatically the first time you save a payment form with an Apple Pay button in live mode, but if you need to do this manually for any reason, you can follow these steps from Stripe.

Next, you’ll need to tell Stripe to register your domain with Apple. You can do this by going to the Apple Pay tab in the Account Settings of your Stripe Dashboard and clicking Add new domain.

Add a new domain in the Stripe Dashboard

Once you’ve registered your domains, you’ll be able to make payments on your site using your live API keys. For more details, see Stripe’s doc on verifying your domain with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay & Google Pay Button Placement

You can add an Apple Pay/Google Pay button to an embedded or overlay payment form by selecting it on the Form Fields tab.

We recommend placing the Apple Pay/Google Pay button above the following fields that it allows your customers to bypass: Name, Email, Credit Card, Address, and Checkout Button.

Enable Apple Pay / Google Pay in WP Simple Pay


Please note that the use of Apple Pay on the Web is subject to the Apple Pay on the Web terms of service, and the use of Google Pay is subject to the Google Pay terms of service.

Supported Countries

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay are available to cardholders at participating banks in supported countries. The Account Country setting in WP Simple Pay > Settings > Stripe > Account determines which country Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay will use to determine seller eligibility. Both parties (buyer and seller) need to originate from an eligible country for the Apple Pay/Google Pay buttons to appear on the purchase form. The lists of supported countries are linked below.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay

Apple Pay – Button only shows in private/incognito Safari window

Try removing the domain from the Stripe dashboard and re-adding it:

  1. Go to Apple Pay management in Stripe dashboard.
  2. Remove the existing Apple Pay domain.
  3. Add it again inside the dashboard.

Link in the Payment Request Button

Link is Stripe’s one-click checkout experience that lets your customers store their payment details so they can pay in one click across hundreds of thousands of websites.

Disabling/Enabling the Link Feature

The Link feature is enabled by default by Stripe. You can disable the Link feature from within the Stripe Dashboard.

How and When is Link Used?

The Payment Request Button dynamically displays wallet options to optimize the checkout experience for your customers. Customers see Apple Pay or Google Pay if they’ve enabled them on their device, and depending on what browser they are using.

If a customer doesn’t have Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled on their device, they see Link. Additionally, customers using Chrome with active, authenticated Link sessions see Link.

Browser + WalletPayment Button
Safari + Apple Pay enabledApple Pay
Chrome + Link authenticatedLink
Chrome + Google Pay enabled and Link not authenticatedGoogle Pay
Chrome on iOS 16 + Apple Pay and Google Pay enabledApple Pay
Any browser + No active Apple Pay or Google PayLink

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