Brand Assets

Below, you will find WP Simple Pay brand colors, logos, our mascot, and instructions for how to depict our brand in your own work. Thank you for respecting our guidelines!


Copy the hex codes for an exact match of our brand colors.









Logo variations

Our logo has three color variations: blue (#428BCA), gray (#444444), and white (#FFFFFF).

WP Simple Pay - full color logo

1. Color logo on #FFFFFF - download EPS, SVG or PNG.

WP Simple Pay - dark color logo

2. Gray logo on #F8F8F8 - download EPS, SVG or PNG.

WP Simple Pay - white color logo

3. White logo on #428BCA - download EPS, SVG or PNG.

WP Simple Pay - white color logo

4. White logo on #444444 - download EPS, SVG or PNG.

Logo guidelines

Always leave at least 1 unit of space around the entire logo. A unit is defined one-tenth the length of the displayed logo.


It's WP Simple Pay

An acronym and two words, all separate. Capitalize WP, S, and the final P.


This is incorrect.


This is incorrect.

WPSimple Pay

This is incorrect.

Rhy says hi!

Rhy is our mascot. We don't use Rhy as part of the WP Simple Pay logo. Feel free to use either of the images below in combination with any of the primary brand colors shown.


Download PNG


Download PNG

Please respect Rhy.

Use Rhy appropriately based on the variation you choose. Avoid covering Rhy with other elements. Do not rotate, flip, or modify Rhy. Rhy's headshot should always appear above another element with contrast or a bottom border, not floating in open space.


Rhy is rotated and horizontally flipped with hidden legs. No good.


Rhy's upperbody appears to be floating in a sea of darkness.

Download all assets

Click the button below to download all color versions of the WP Simple Pay logo in .EPS, .SVG, and .PNG. Mascot files are included as .PNG.